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Koi Care

Thank you for purchasing your Koi from The Koi Tank!!!! We search the world to provide you with the true beauty of the finest varieties of Japanese koi. We hope you are just as excited as we are about the beauty and joy that they will bring to you. Please follow our guidelines to provide you with the best experience with us upon receiving your koi. Please read the following instructions.

Introducing Koi:

When your newly shipped koi arrive to you it is extremely important you provide them with the best possible surroundings. New koi should be kept in a separate quarantine environment for up to 21 days. This is the best way to decrease the risk of any problems of disease before introducing them into your pond. We strongly recommend you quarantine all newly purchased koi as a disciplined habit to ensure safety and longevity.

Before your Koi arrive:

  • Prepare a separate container for your koi to rest in upon arrival.
  • Fill your container with fresh de-chlorinated water, well water, and some existing water from your pond. (unless your pond is being treated or is unhealthy.) Always test pond water the day before this to ensure healthy water being introduced.
  • Always have an aerator running in the holding container to help revive the koi from the lack of it during the shipping process. Filtration is also recommended for your holding container.
  • Add pond salt at a level of 0.3% to help ward off disease and increase slime coat. Make sure to only use salt made for koi or ponds.

When your Koi arrive: YEAH!!!!!!

  • Check the condition of the koi the best you can from the bag. Float the bag in your receiving container to acclimate the temperature in your receiving bag.
  • If the koi look exhausted, leaning, moving slowly, or very little, release into the aerated holding container right away.
  • When releasing your koi, do not allow any of the water from the bag into the quarantine container.
  • Please cover the quarantine container right away as your koi will jump out.
  • Please remember keeping koi in a separate quarantine tank to up to 21 days it the best way to ensure health going into your already established pond system.

Service Area: Wales, Waukesha, Pewaukee, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Madison, Wisconsin Dells, Sheboygan, Franklin, Oak Creek, Grafton and surrounding communities.

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